AeTrapp - Citizen Monitoring of Aedes Mosquitoes

Project AeTrapp is a solution under development that will allow the engagement of communities in monitoring populations of Aedes mosquitoes, vectors of dengue, chikungunya, zika, and urban yellow fever..

Episode 1 - The hateful of Egypt

This insect has been causing us problems for a long time! Get to know the Aedes aegypti in detail and understand why it’s so hard to exterminate it.

Episode 2 - A scientific race

One of the most studied mosquitoes worldwide, the Aedes has been the target of a huge number of studies. It is also true for Brazil: see how some Brazilian researchers and institutions have contributed to know more about the mosquito and the diseases it transmits.

Episode 3 - Meet the AeTrapp

How can a mobile application help in monitoring and fighting Aedes? Watch and discover how AeTrapp was created and works.

A fight of all

The problem of Aedes mosquitoes is not something that can be solved individually. In this video, educators and researchers speak of the importance of citizen involvement in monitoring and fighting mosquitoes, calling for the engagement of the society.

How to build a trap

Follow the step by step guide to learn how to build your trap and register it in the AeTrapp application.

How to take pictures of a sample

Learn how to take picture of a sample properly and how to sanitize and make a weekly maintenance of your trap.